Supply shortages of mini pringles
Procter & Gamble has hit supply shortages of Mini Pringles just a month after their launch. Retailers, who last week were told that two lines - salt & vinegar five-pack and 10-pack original - were being discontinued, say that P&G is struggling to meet orders and has warned that the shortages of stocks are likely to get worse. P&G confirmed that it had temporarily dropped two variants, but said it was introducing measures to increase capacity.

White McVitie’s for Christmas
McVitie’s is kickstarting the festive season with the launch of its first digestive biscuit coated in white chocolate. he limited-edition variant will come in a special festive carton available throughout Christmas, and United Biscuits said the product could become a standard line. he launch is part of the company’s Christmas drive, which will see the addition of permanent and limited-edition lines across its KP Nuts, McVitie’s, Jacob’s and Crawford’s portfolios.

Adult drinks to unwind and uplift
Vimto Soft Drinks is making its first foray into premium adult soft drinks with the launch of two functional offerings. Unwind and Uplift come in 375ml dark blue bottles, with an rsp of 89p. Unwind is a still drink combining extracts of chamomile and passiflora, while fizzy Uplift contains guarana and ginseng.