nUnited Biscuits is squaring up to PepsiCo’s Doritos with the launch of an unusually ridged tortilla chip under its McCoy’s brand.
nMcCoy’s Special Ridged Tortillas are being positioned as the chip you don’t have to dip, a growing area within the tortilla chips market, according to UBUK.
nAvailable in four flavours, the range will hit shelves in April in 175g sharing bags (rsp: £1.35) and 40g single packs (rsp: 38p).

nCadbury Trebor Bassett is launching a miniature version of its popular Dairy Milk brand targeted at mums.
nThe treat-size version of the chocolate bar comes in a 235g multibag (rsp: £2.09) with each bag containing around ten individually wrapped bars.
nCadbury already produces a number of its big brands in a treat-sized format and said that the launch would boost sales across the portfolio.

n Constellation’s Gaymer Cider Company, the producer of Gaymer’s Olde English brand, has launched three premium bottled ciders as part of a £24m investment in the thriving UK cider market.
n The newcomers, Gaymers Original Cider, Orchard Reserve cider and Addlestones cider, will be supported by marketing activity and an investment in the company’s cider portfolio overall.
ridged Tortilla chip defies dipping
treat-size bars target mums
fresh sparkle to olde english