nNestlé is adding an on-the-go yoghurt, fruit and cereal breakfast drink to its Ski portfolio - Ski Up & Go.
nHitting UK stores later this month, the new line will be available in two variants and sold in multipacks of three 350g bottles (rsp: £2.09) and single bottles (79p).
nIt bears a strong resemblance to the Ski Stopgap product that Nestlé trialled 18 months ago, but the company insists that Up & Go is very different - with lower fat and higher fruit content.

nHP Foods is giving its BBQ sauce range an overhaul and introducing a new flavour aimed at boosting the profile of the market-leading line.
nModernised packaging is being introduced across the range this month and a Honey & Woodsmoke variant is being added. The three-strong range will also use clearer signposting to indicate whether the products are mild, original or hot.
nThe relaunch will benefit from a £3m media investment across the HP portfolio this year.

n Cusqueña is making a foray into the dark lager category with the launch of a 5.6% abv variant next month called Cusqueña Malta.
n Although the newcomer is produced using the same method as a lager, it is described as a heavier beer with malty and slightly sweet chocolatey flavours.
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