It's the stuff that health nerds' and eco-warriors' wet dreams are made of - a cattle feed that not only reduces the satfat content of milk but also the methane output of cows.

The product, Lintec, is possibly the most inspired agricultural innovation since Dolly the Sheep.

But, at the same time, the development of a product such as this is a sad reflection of the unhealthy mindset that society has got itself into over dairy.

And that's thanks to the messages that have been propelled by the likes of the FSA and the UNFAO.

As was reaffirmed by Dairy UK in its 2010 White Paper, published last week, dairy has a crucial role to play in a balanced diet. Fact. Annual methane emissions from the national dairy herd account for only 1% of the UK's total emissions. Fact.

And still, the industry is accelerating its efforts to reduce GHG emissions and deliver reduced fat products. Dairy per se is not the problem here, it's the irresponsible scaremongering by quangos.

As such, the makers of Lintec might have made better use of their time in coming up with an equivalent product for humans. Now that would have made the world a better place.