Kellogg's famously says: "If it doesn't say Kellogg's on the box, it isn't Kellogg's in the box."

It developed this mantra to put an end to speculation that it was providing retailers with their own-label corn flakes and by definition consumers were being conned into paying more for the branded version.

It has now emerged that the European Commission, in all its wisdom, is considering making it compulsory for retailers to reveal the identity of their own-label producers on packs.

We know Kellogg's doesn't make cereals for the retailers but many big branded suppliers are also key movers and shakers in the own label world. They don't simply fill the own-label packs with the same product that makes up the brand. This would be crazy, as there would be no quicker way to kill their brand.

It is ironic, however, that this idea comes at a time when, on the fresh side, retailers are including more and more supplier information on pack, right down to the picture of the farmer in his field. I guess the image of a pork pie factory is not quite so palatable.