Like-for-like sales of Lemsip must be terrible right now. Hearty soups are stuck on shelves. That's right, folks, after two of the worst summers on record, Britain is in the midst of a heatwave. Phew, what a relief.

We've all read about the 'perfect storm' - the commodity cost hikes, the withdrawal of credit and the collapse in consumer confidence that created this recession. But it's time to talk about a new weather front: high pressure, yes, - but with glorious blue skies, plentiful home-grown produce, and Andy Murray in tantalising touching distance of the Wimbledon final, inspiring the perfect conditions for boozing, BBQs and other retailing manna. Even bottled water sales are rocketing, proving hydration (ie life) is more important even than the environment.

If ever the UK economy needed such favourable meteoric and sporting conditions, it's now, with the strong euro and rising unemployment and a cash squeeze forcing many Brits to holiday on these shores. So, soak up the sunny weather - and the cash - while it lasts. And, as you send up a prayer to your god for a Murray win and an Ashes victory, thank him (or her) for the Hallowed High Pressure Heatwave.