It was a bittersweet week for the world of high-street chocolatiers.

As the elder statesman of the trade, Thorntons, issued a profits warning, new kid on the block Hotel Chocolat was issuing Chocolate Bonds.

Thorntons CEO Mike Davies stepped down as the company admitting it needed someone with more of a retail background to take the business forward.

While the brand is proving successful in other retailers' stores, it is struggling to find the right formula for its own store estate squeezed on the one hand by the very supermarkets that are selling its chocs, and on the other by sexier newcomers such as Hotel Chocolat.

For its part, Hotel Chocolat managed the impressive feat of getting both chocoholics and City investors salivating with its plans to raise £5m through the UK's first Chocolate Bond. For £2,000 it is promising an annual return of 6.72%, or 7.29% for £4,000. The twist is that the return will be paid monthly in the form of fancy chocolates.

And we thought greedy investors were so last season.