The advent of so-called breakfast biscuits has been one of the outstanding successes of recent years. With 14 of the top 20 biscuit brands in decline, it’s enormously to Kraft’s credit that, in Belvita, it created a new occasion to enliven a declining sector - a feat that won it an award at this year’s Grocer Golds.

However, as rivals hurry to join the breakfast biscuit gold rush, research by The Grocer shows the Hobnob is actually better for you - with less saturated fat and more fibre - than almost every product in this increasingly crowded category.

” There’s an irony to Belvita urging Brits to resist the cookie jar”

Laura Evans, special reports editor

Arguably, this provides the Hobnob (volume sales of which are down 14%) with a new marketing direction. But in the week that Kellogg’s revealed four out of five children are going to school hungry, and researchers at Imperial College London suggested skipping breakfast creates a bias towards high-calorie foods, there’s an irony about Belvita & co persuading Brits to arm themselves against the call of the cookie jar when their products are, in many cases, less nutritious than biscuit barrel favourites.