Mild-mannered Bestway is talking tough with the launch of an audacious campaign targeting arch-rival Booker.

“Is Bestway’s Ditch the Euro campaign sheer madness or utter genius?”

Beth Phillips, deputy news editor

‘Ditch the Euro’ urges retailers to bring a single product from Booker’s Euro Shopper range to any one of its 62 depots, and in return receive a whole case of the equivalent product in its own Best-in Essentials range free of charge.

Sheer madness or utter genius? I’m still not sure.

On the one hand, Euro Shopper is storming with sales of £156m in 2012. Its energy drink (wisely not included in Ditch the Euro) is also the sixth biggest-selling in the UK. Bestway needs to put the brakes on this growth.

But on the other hand, it could end up costing Bestway an awful lot of money. It’s limited to four weeks, and six products, but there’s nothing to stop indies returning daily. Bestway wouldn’t say whether it’s taken out insurance to protect it, only admitting investment has been “substantial”. Ditch the Euro is no Hoover flight promotion, but indies will want to make the most of it. Whether this will prove to be to Bestway’s advantage is yet to be seen.