After failing to correctly identify the price of a value loaf of bread (47p), the PM was cast in the role of Marie Antoinette this week, as he admitted to using a breadmaker.

But while a gleeful press denounced the “out-of-touch former Etonian”, for failing to understand - let alone share - the pain of ordinary people, the Prime Minister is more right than wrong.

“With his ‘north of a pound’ estimate for a loaf of bread, Cameron is more right than wrong”

Arabella Mileham, reporter

Supermarket economy bread - which actually ranges from 47p to £1 - accounts for less than 3.5% of the total bread market by volume and 1.6% by value [Kantar Worldpanel]. And the average price of an own-label loaf (24% of the total bread market by volume) is £1.15 [Brandview] - ie well north of a pound.

What’s more, the overall average price of an 800g loaf, if you include leading brands such as Hovis, Kingsmill and Nick Clegg’s favoured Warburtons loaf, is £1.28.

In other words, the vast majority of bread loaves are indeed sold at “north of a pound”.

Admittedly Cameron’s savaging at the hands of the media is less hurtful than the Mail’s character assasination of Ed Miliband’s dead father. But it’s still a bit unfair.