Sainsbury’s took its grievances over Tesco’s Price Promise to a whole new level this week - the High Court.

“Is it up to the ASA to tell the world Sainsbury’s products are better than Tesco’s?”

Beth Brooks, deputy news editor

Hoping for third time lucky, Sainsbury’s said it was taking the Advertising Standards Authority’s decision to clear a Tesco ad for the price-matching scheme to judicial review. It claims Tesco is misleading shoppers by not taking into account factors such as country of origin and ethics when comparing own-label lines.

Sainsbury’s has dubbed it ‘the value of values’.

But does Sainsbury’s really need to take this action? It already has its own price-matching scheme, Brand Match - recognised as a key factor in its continued strong trading, which remains ahead of the total grocery market.

Its shoppers already buy into own label, too. Own label accounts for more than 50% of Sainsbury’s food sales, and its premium range Taste the Difference is up 10%.

More importantly, is it really up to the ASA to tell the world that Sainsbury’s products are of a higher quality than Tesco’s? Surely that’s a job for Sainsbury’s marketing department.