As outcomes go, news that food labelling regulation, which has taken Europe’s finest the best part of seven years to work out, has brought with it a trail of confusion, won’t perhaps come as a shock.

How long is it before we hear stories of companies being hauled before the beak on the new tribunal system, despite having spent a fortune trying to make sure their products toe the line?

“The EU food labelling regulation has brought with it a trail of confusion”

Ian Quinn, chief reporter

That’s not to say all companies have been fully engaged, some put off by cost and others simply apathetic. But there has been a huge amount of work by companies and organisations like the BRC and FDF to try to make these changes work, with sadly little help from the EU or even Defra.

With a whole raft of different implementation dates for different categories, dragged out over two years, plus endless updates on what is and is not acceptable, the process is totally at odds with the needs of retailers and suppliers to plan for the future. And on top of all this, Europe could still throw yet another spoke in the wheel if its challenge to the UK’s voluntary front-of-pack labelling initiative goes ahead.