It doesn’t say much for our society when the future of bogof offers gets more coverage than helping people who are struggling on the edge of starvation.

“Forget bogofs! The food waste scandal is about poverty, hunger and redistribution”

Ian Quinn, chief reporter

But beyond the headlines that surrounded this week’s House of Lords report, Counting the Cost of Food Waste, this is surely where the true message lies.

The real scandal is not bogofs, which are a minuscule part of promotions and a tiny factor in that waste mountain. It is the lack of concerted action, including government incentives, to make sure the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of food in the UK suitable for feeding the hungry, or failing that being used for livestock, doesn’t instead end up in the incinerator, AD plants or, worse still, in landfill.

The UK has led the way in tackling food waste in many ways but not in food redistribution, where France gives 20 times more. Schemes like FareShare are growing but not fast enough. Cutting this waste altogether must be the ultimate goal but failing that, surplus food needs to end up going to the people who need it most.