For far too long, it has felt like every story I write about the drinks industry is full of grumbles, gloom and declining sales. So let’s raise a glass (or two, seeing as the sun’s out) to some good news.

First, to the government’s announcement it has put a cork in its plans for minimum unit pricing and multibuys in favour of a ban on below-cost selling. Hurrah.

“Our report reveals that plenty of drinks brands are bucking the downward trend”

Vince Bamford, fmcg editor

And second, to the fact that - despite the general decline in booze sales - The Grocer’s annual Britain’s 100 Biggest Alcohol Brands report reveals plenty of products bucking the downward trend. Huzzah.

Among the brands in biggest growth are goliaths such as Foster’s, Famous Grouse and Smirnoff, but there are also smaller names well on their way to the big time. Wine brand Yellow Tail, for example, has rocketed 55 places up the chart, while Coors Light has climbed 44. Hurrah.

So, three cheers for the drinks industry - but let’s not get carried away. I’ve still managed to get some gloom in, and this time next week we’ll all be grumbling about the government’s definition of below-cost selling.