With politicians, health lobbyists and - to some extent - parents putting renewed pressure on cereal manufacturers to tone down the sugar, Kellogg’s launch of three new lower-sugar lines, and the reformulation of Honey Loops, is welcome innovation.

It certainly couldn’t have been better timed, coming two weeks after shadow health secretary Andy Burnham called on suppliers to cap the sugar content of kids’ cereals at 30%.

“Kellogg’s insists it won’t reformulate Frosties and co, but that’s looking short-sighted”

Vince Bamford, fmcg editor

The new lines all fall under that level, but there are still a number of cereals that don’t, including Kellogg’s Frosties, Coco Pops and Ricicles. And its insistence that it won’t reformulate them looks short-sighted.

Many suppliers have shown healthy product reformulation need not adversely affect the positioning or sales of a brand - the satfat reduction in Mars bars and UB’s biscuits spring to mind. Indeed, with Stella Artois’ small abv reduction, it successfully cast off its reputation as a ‘wife beater’.

The Grocer’s latest Top Products Survey showed Frosties sales down 6.6% y-o-y. A nudge could help turn sales around and win it (reduced sugar) brownie points too.