Moisturisers for men have smashed the £100m sales barrier for the first time, despite one in five men believing ‘real men don’t moisturise.’ Male skincare’s 16.3% growth to £101.2m defies a flat male grooming market overall.

The news comes as a poll for us by Harris Interactive reveals the unsavoury truth about British men: just 63% bother to brush their teeth twice a day; 11% take a bath or shower only once every three days; and 11% skip deodorant daily. Generally, women take hygiene more seriously, although 1% did tell us they bathe less than once a week. Yuck (no men fessed up to this).

“Real men do moisturise; they just don’t use the wife’s”

Of the men who do wash, many pilfer from their partners; 14% regularly use women’s products. There’s the rub: chasing soap dodgers won’t help male grooming brands grow; doing a better job of convincing us that their products offer something different to the wife’s will.

As brands such as Bulldog and ManCave have, driving much of male moisturisers’ impressive growth. They’ve convinced us real men do indeed moisturise - they just don’t use the wife’s.