Police in Staffordshire have been giving away food bank vouchers to shoplifters in a controversial scheme axed this week after a press furore.

Sadly, shoplifting has increased during the recession. Desperate people will resort to crime to feed their families.

But more consideration has to be given to the plight of retailers, who are having to dedicate more resources to security to minimise losses from criminal activity.

” The shoplifters are now after Manuka honey. Don’t reward them”

Guy Montague-Jones, Senior Reporter

They are facing increasingly savvy shoplifters targeting high-ticket items such as Manuka honey that can easily be resold online.

The frustrating thing is that business crime is a low priority for the police. Even when sophisticated criminal gangs target the industry in frauds costing retailers and suppliers hundreds of thousands of pounds, police response is not what would be expected.

Business crime is not as victimless as it seems. Ultimately, it costs us in lower salaries and fewer jobs, which encourages more crime. And to think that this week, a legal expert called for community sentences or fines for shoplifters adds insult to injury.