William Grant’s MD Chris Mason used the word ‘premium’ five times in his introduction to Grant’s drinks market report this week. In its 87 pages, the message is reinforced: we’re all drinking pricier, premium booze; retailers should be stocking more of it.

This week, we’ve published our own annual report on the state of the drinks market: Britain’s 100 Biggest Booze Brands. And indeed, the posh stuff’s booming.

“Premiumisation is only half the story; the cheap stuff is getting cheaper”

Rob Brown, category reports editor

But that’s only half the story. We’re drinking more of the cheap stuff too. Skol Super and K cider are both up in value and volume and volumes of Frosty Jack’s, the cheapest top 100 brand in terms of alcohol content, have held up well also.

Indeed, the four fastest-growing spirits brands by volume in the top 100 have lowered prices or kept them flat in the past year. Grant’s Family Reserve is now the cheapest whisky in the top 100 (down 1.9% to £17.56 a litre), thanks to fierce deals.

Grant’s didn’t mention this in its report, or that it’s lowered the abv of Green Mark vodka (already one of the cheapest on the market) to keep prices down. Maybe it takes the cheap side of the equation for Granted.