This was yet another week to forget for Morrisons, announcing it is axing 2,600 jobs as part of an in-store management restructure.

“The ‘it was better in my day’ rantings of Sir Ken Morrison are helping no one”

Ronan Hegarty, news editor

To add insult to injury, the chain’s former chairman was again among the headlines, criticising the management just a fortnight after his now infamous attack on the “bullsh*t” strategy at the agm.

Yes things are bad at Morrisons, we all know it. CEO Dalton Philips has taken one hell of a gamble with the new price-cutting strategy and we should know before the end of the year if it has worked or not.

But the “it was better in my day” rantings of Sir Ken are helping no one, not least the 2,600 staff in the firing line.

No one is denying his achievements but there are plenty of chickens from his time still coming home to roost today. It’s not as if the Safeway takeover was a major success and he left a business with antiquated systems, ageing stores, and of course no online or convenience business.

Morrisons has no chance of getting out of its current hole if the company is riven with backbiting and infighting dragging morale down even further. The fear is that it may already be too late.