Tesco’s £300,000 fine for a misleading promotion on strawberries will come as no surprise to the industry.

As one insider told The Grocer, breaches of the current rules are “rife” and Tesco was simply the “unlucky one” who got caught out (by a feisty Birmingham pensioner).

” Supermarkets should stop their bogus promos on seasonal lines”

Beth Phillips, Deputy News Editor

Supermarkets can be pretty sneaky. As digital subscribers looking online at our Grocer 33 price widget will know, some products are on permanent promotion. And there’s nothing in the rules to stop a retailer declaring products like strawberries are ‘half price’ as long as they have established them at a higher selling price for a reasonable period beforehand. But ‘promotions’ on seasonal produce are particularly bogus. Strawberries, raspberries, etc, are cheaper in the summer because they’re in season and sourced from the UK. Of course they’re not ‘half price’.

Shoppers aren’t dumb and if they see claims like this, it will simply erode their trust in supermarkets. Wouldn’t it be easier to drop the outlandish ‘offers’ sometimes and sell at a fair price, rather than trying to kid the consumer?