What does Mondelez, the new name for Kraft’s global snacks business, mean to you? That was the question I asked followers of our Twitter feed - @TheGrocer - this week. Among the printable suggestions were ‘the next signing for Manchester City’ or simply that ‘you shouldn’t listen to staff when making these important decisions’.

Of course, every new name sounds strange and has people wondering where it comes from. Famously, the Royal Mail’s ill-fated spell as Consignia suggested how difficult new names can be but equally, no-one has a problem with Diageo or Lenovo or O2.

The trouble with Kraft’s new name, however, boils down to its Cadbury acquisition. If subsuming a well-known brand into Kraft wasn’t hard enough to stomach, it’s even worse to think that, in spinning it off again - albeit with one or two bolt-ons from Kraft’s snacks business - it will now be called Mondelez International.

Surely a bold way for Kraft to have won some hearts and minds would have been to call it Cadbury. No-one would have been in any doubt, in any country, what Cadbury means.