It’s said the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

And while eternal damnation may be a tad harsh a punishment (let’s save that for commuters with musical ringtones), Britain’s biggest crisp brand has certainly found itself in hot water after introducing meat to its meat-flavoured crisps.

Walkers’ move has sparked outrage from vegetarians, inspired social media activity by a rival supplier, and prompted The Vegetarian Society to suggest punters will switch to “snacks that don’t involve killing animals”.

“Veggies can still buy an animal-friendly Bacon crisp from a rival brand”

Vince Bamford, fmcg editor

Since my vegetarian wife has been known to enjoy the odd smoky bacon crisp, I can see their point. And with the ‘horsegate’ scandal, the move is curiously timed. But veggies can still buy an animal-friendly bacon crisp from an own-label range or a rival brand if they choose.

And I would hate to see Walkers’ original motivation forgotten in the uproar. pork and chicken were introduced as part of a wider shift to the use of British-sourced flavouring ingredients, including cheese, tomatoes and vinegar.

It’s a move that will benefit many UK suppliers. And the crisps might taste better too.