I start many of my days by making a bowl of chocolate chip Weetabix Minis for my daughter, who insists on having them with hot milk. I do this not because she is a toddler and incapable of doing it, but because she is a teenager and doesn’t do mornings.

She is also fortunate. Not only in having a mug for a dad, but in her choice of Minis - for The Weetabix Food Company has halted production of all other variants in the range.

As Hovis did earlier this year, the business has fallen victim to last year’s appalling British wheat harvest - one that brought the double whammy of low yield and poor quality.

“Weetabix has opted to stick with its home-grown supply - at considerable cost”

Vince Bamford, fmcg editor

The situation prompted reports that Britain will start importing more grain than it exports, and earlier this year forced Hovis owner Premier Foods to abandon its British wheat-only commitment.

Weetabix has instead opted to stick with its home-grown supply - at the considerable cost of drastically scaling back production of two of its ranges and re-engineering its production process.

It’s a commendable move, and one I shall point out to my daughter at breakfast. Over chocolate chip Weetabix Minis. With hot milk.