Confectionery companies are regularly lambasted in the press for shrinking products without shrinking prices. Even the Office of National Statistics has picked up on the wheeze. Last week, it estimated that the size of chocolate bars and bags of sweets has fallen 10% over the past year.

But is it any wonder? The price of cocoa butter has been up and down like a yo-yo in recent years and, unfortunately for manufacturers and consumers, it has been up more than it has been down.

” Who can blame companies for reducing the size of chocolate bars?”

Guy Montague-Jones

A poor harvest resulted in a 33-year price high in 2010 and after falling back last year cocoa butter prices have leapt 80% since June.

When considered alongside the rising cost of other key ingredients like sugar, who can blame companies for reducing product sizes?

Even if it less transparent than straightforward price increases, reducing product size may be better for our health. Smaller portion sizes help us limit our intake of sugar and fat.

Let’s just not make chocolate bars so small that we feel compelled to reach for more than one at a time.