It’s taken five years, but this week saw Christine Tacon appointed Groceries Code Adjudicator.

After the long build-up, the first impression from the new arrival was always going to be vital. But the reaction from suppliers , supermarkets and media suggests industry veteran Tacon has made a good one. In early interviews she came across as astute, knowledgeable and measured. And, importantly, any attempt to draw her into one corner or the other failed miserably.

“I think Christine Tacon will relish the chance to slam down the gavel”

James Halliwell, reporter

In fact, it’s difficult to find anything wrong in this choice.

Judges are objective, but they are often limited by their inexperience of the real world. Not so Tacon, who has sat on both sides of the fence. And crucially, the one place she seems not content to sit is on it. With the power to fine, she insists she won’t be a pushover. But that applies both ways.

We’ll see what she is made of when it comes to the crunch, but I think she will relish the chance to slam down the gavel. Meanwhile compliance officers at all the supermarkets will have been given a heads up - don’t tangle with Tacon.