Fresh pork remains the real disappointment of the retail meat market, despite a surge of shoulder roasting joint sales last month. Traditionally, lower supplies of both pork and lamb should have favoured the pigmeat suppliers, as underlying demand for their commodity is supposed to be stronger due to demographic influences. Instead, the latest data from Taylor Nelson Sofres reported by MLC show lamb purchases and expenditure down by almost identical percentages in the four weeks to October 15, while the much smaller loss of volume for pork than earlier indicated seems to have resulted purely from price cutting. As for beef, these household consumption and spending figures are consistent with wholesalers' complaints of a tougher trade last month. The tonnage continued shifting, especially burgers, but this was clearly a price dominated market. A couple of interesting features, not shown in the chart, were very good volume and spend performances by sliced cooked ham and a suprising setback in the beef ready meal sector. {{MEAT }}