Deep discounting of beef, especially mince, is increasingly visible in Taylor Nelson Sofres household purchase data and MLC retail price surveys. The latest TNS estimates, showing overall beef volume growth much sharper than the spending gain, are supplemented by evidence of mince accounting for a much bigger proportion of purchases than a year ago. And the MLC data show the mince has been far cheaper. These figures appear to confirm the multiples' assessment of consumer demand for beef as extremely price elastic, an inconvenient message for those producers who believe shoppers will happily pay more if the label boasts of quality (The Grocer, April 15, p26). TNS also reports spectacular growth in beefburger sales, volume nearly 36% greater and spending up 39%, along with continued progress for beef ready meals and surprising strength in frozen beef pies and puddings. Lamb, pork and bacon purchases continue to reflect tighter supply. {{MEAT }}