Hovis hopes the relaunch of its Granary range will help its loaves become top seeded.
It is now topping all loaves in the range with seeds or grains, while products have a longer shelf life and new pack designs.
Two new 800g loaves - Hovis Sunflower Granary, a light golden blend of premium sunflower seeds and wholegrain malted wheatflakes, and Hovis
Country Granary, made with 100% wholemeal flour with added wholegrain cereals, poppy, sunflower, millet and brown linseed - will sit alongside Hovis Granary and White Granary varieties. Both have an rsp of £1.20.
Stephen Davis, marketing manager for Hovis Granary, said demand for premium and healthy bread, including seeded and wholegrain, continued to grow. “We are relaunching and broadening the Hovis Granary range through significant investment in marketing, product and packaging improvements. This will offer more quality choice and variety to health-conscious consumers.”
The relaunch will be supported by a press advertising campaign as well as a dedicated web site.