After Warburtons moved into crisps, diversifying your brand of bread seems to be the thing to do.

Trust Hovis to up the stakes with a move into high fashion, ditching the flat caps and whippet-skin shorts via a bizarre tie-up with swan-headed supermodel Erin O'Connor, aka the miserable one from the Marks & Spencer ads.

When not gadding about in M&S thermals, Erin presides over something called The Model Sanctuary, a charity for stressed-out models. Because a life of bottled water, cocaine and over-priced clobber can really grind a girl down, right?

To coincide with British Fashion Week, which is quite soon apparently, Erin has collaborated with Hovis boffins to design the British Fashion Wheat sandwich. 'Wheat' sounds a bit like 'week', you see.

"I've worked with nutritionists at Hovis to create the British Fashion Wheat sandwich to help keep our models looking and feeling great during their busy week," Erin 'explained'. "Hovis is cultivating British talent in its own way by switching to 100%- British wheat."

Expect Kingsmill to hit back with an 'Alexander McQueensmill' memorial bun in tribute to the late designer.