Bagged snacks for children that are described as a healthier alternative to crisps are being launched into multi-packs by Organix.
Two multipacks have been created with different flavour combinations - one contains three bags each of Saucy Tomato Noughts & Crosses and Cheese & Onion Os, and the other includes Cheese & Herb Curly Puffs and Tomato, Cheese & Herb Curly Puffs.
The snacks are part of Organix’s Goodies range, which stipulates products have no added sugar, colourings, preservatives and flavourings and are baked rather than fried. According to the company, the snacks contain at least a third less fat and half the level of salt than standard baked snacks and are targeted at schoolchildren’s lunchboxes.
The multipacks of six have an rsp of £1.89 and have listings in Tesco, Sainsbury and Waitrose.