It&'s nice to know that The Grocer really can make a difference. Take brewer Joseph Holt. Though there are few family breweries left in Britain today, this Manchester-based producer managed to beat the odds by selling its beers for over 100 years through the pub trade. Its confidence was such that last year it decided to attempt the bold step into supermarkets. And so it was that in January we wrote about its range of bottled ales, saying at the time that it was looking for listings in the off-trade.
Lo and behold, the article caught the eye of a Morrisons beer buyer. In fact the beers made such an impression on him that the retailer gave the brewer a seasonal listing for its ales just a few weeks after the story was published. According to Holt it all took off from there: the company has had phenomenal success for the first few months of 2006, exceeding all its expectations, and the range continues to sell well through Booths and Parfetts Cash & Carry, and it apparently has now gained a listing with James Hall, the Spar distributor for the north of England.