HP Foods is overhauling its BBQ sauces range and introducing a new flavour as the battle for supremacy in the sauces category intensifies.
The move comes despite the brand possibly being acquired by Heinz later this year and is designed to boost the profile of the market-leading BBQ sauce.
It follows Premier Foods’ entry into the sauces category last month with its Branston-branded tomato ketchup and brown sauce, which it said would shake up the category and compete with both HP sauces and Heinz tomato ketchup.
Graham White, HP Foods marketing director for UK and Ireland, said that in an increasingly crowded category the revamp would keep HP sauces at the forefront of consumers’ minds. “New competitors in the sauce market are always welcome, as they prompt renewed interest in the category,” he said. “We are confident that HP sauces will be the products consumers choose to come back to.”
Alan Clark, trading manager at MBL, said: “The table sauce market is pretty flat. It’s good to see activity in the market.”
Modernised packaging is being introduced across the range this month and a Honey & Woodsmoke variant is being added. The three-strong range will also use clearer signposting to indicate whether they are mild, original or hot.
The relaunch will benefit from a £3m media investment across the HP portfolio this year, with a nationwide radio campaign breaking in the next few months.
Stefan Chomka