Kimberly-Clark is tackling the "garish and confusing" nappy fixture with a packaging makeover for Huggies.

The company is introducing the new design across the brand's entire babycare range from April so that it has stronger standout on a shelf it described as "visually busy and confusing" for consumers.

Kimberly-Clark said nappy sizes had been made more prominent on pack, while the photography now used models "whose age and stage reflect that of the baby for whom each product has been designed".

A child's hand imprint logo has also been introduced to engage mums.

"In a highly competitive market it is important to have standout and show we are engaging with our target audience," said Caroline Stanley, project lead and European marketing manager for Huggies.

"Our extensive research has told us that shoppers find the category garish and confusing with on-pack photography that tends to be contrived, not reflecting the real world for mums ."

It is the first redesign for Huggies since 2002.