Fruit drink company The Juice Doctor is gearing up for a national roll-out of its eponymous juice brand after successful trials across independent retailers.
The company, which has five times Olympic gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave as a director, developed the drink to address what it said was the UK's growing ­problem of dehydration. Two out of three people in the UK suffer the effects of dehydration, it claims.
&aquot;There are millions of people who don't drink enough water, either because it's inconvenient or because it's boring,&aquot; said Redgrave. &aquot;Dehydration is not just a sports issue - our bodies lose more than two litres of water a day from going about our daily lives. We've formulated The Juice Doctor to be a great-tasting and effective hydration fix.&aquot;
The drink - in lemon, tropical and pomegranate flavours - has been on trial in 500ml bottles across 100 retailers in the south east of England. It is expected to gain listings in the major ­mul­tiples by the summer.