True couch potatoes won’t need to leave the house to get a taste of the authentic cinema experience, thanks to SK Chilled Foods’ movie meal kit.
The company’s I Love Nachos kit mimics the ones often seen on movie-goers’ laps, and comes in the form of a box complete with a tray of nachos to share, a tub of melted cheese and some sliced jalapeno peppers.
All consumers have to do is microwave the cheese sauce for 20 seconds and either use it as a dip or pour it over the nachos. Derek Ord, sales and marketing director at SK Chilled Foods, said the concept was a response to the latest consumer trends in home entertainment, shared snacking and convenience.
“We’ve designed this product to fit the needs of what consumers want now - an anytime snack option that’s convenience and mess free, but most of all fun and indulgent.”
I Love Nachos has a six-month shelf life and will be on show later this month at Food & Drink Expo in Birmingham, where it is being launched with an rsp of £2.97.