Ice cream makers are launching a raft of new products to tempt recession-hit Brits holidaying in the UK this summer .

Fredericks, which has the licence to produce both Cadbury and Del Monte ice creams, is introducing Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Stick (rsp £1.40) as an impulse indulgence buy in April.

Next month, it is adding a Del Monte Superfruits Iced Smoothie (rsp £2.29 for three) to the existing mango and raspberry variants. The 86-calorie smoothie, which contains blueberries, pomegranate and cranberries, is aimed at weight-conscious women.

Meanwhile, Cornish ice cream company Kelly's is launching two new variants of its Cornish Dairy Ice Cream Cones for the supermarket channel.

The whole milk and clotted cream ones, which come in strawberries & cream and toffee fudge flavours (rsp £2.99 for four), hit freezers this month.

They would appeal to consumers willing to pay more for products offering 'Britishness', quality and taste, said Kelly's.

Fredericks said it wanted to cheer consumers up. "Our new branding and PR campaign will boldly go where other ice cream manufacturers fear to tread and put a smile on the face of the nation," said Fredericks marketing manager Jacqueline Walters.

"A lot of British holidaymakers are not going abroad this year and many caravan parks are already fully booked. Consumers want to treat themselves to some feelgood ice cream."

The smoothie and stick join a limited edition one-litre Cadbury Creme Egg Tub (rsp £3.49) that has already hit the shelves in time for Easter.