Brewers including Heineken and Budweiser Budvar are forming a new trade group to market genuine imported beers, following a meeting last week.
As revealed in The Grocer (June 26, page 63), Budvar is behind plans to create the new group, which would campaign about brewed at source issues and run joint marketing campaigns. At a preliminary meeting also attended by Adnams, Bavaria Beer, James Clay, Refresh, Ubevco and CGA Centro, brewers agreed to start laying the foundations for the trade association.
Budweiser Budvar UK chief executive John Harley said recent media interest in so-called foreign beers, which were actually brewed under licence in the UK, had catapulted the issue into the spotlight.
“The interest proved the point once and for all that there are a significant number of people out there who do care where their beer is brewed,” he said.
Harley said specialist imported beers were driving growth in the lager category, which he hoped would in future be sold like wine with attention to style and country of origin.