Disruption is possible in the imported lamb market as vets working for New Zealand slaughterers plan to strike over pay, a threat reminiscent of an era when the approach of the seasonal killing peak was a predictable signal for plant shutdowns triggered by industrial action. The vets were due to walk out as The Grocer went to press, but officials at Meat New Zealand's London and Brussels offices expressed cautious optimism there would be no major interruption to supplies due in the UK or continental markets. Unlike the killing and cutting plant workers and dockers whose militancy once blighted the New Zealand meat industry, the vets are seen as probably unable to halt the kill completely. However, shorter supply chains, light stocks on this side of the world and strong demand for NZ lamb, especially in France, are causing unease in parts of the UK market because the efficiency of the distribution system these days is regarded as making it increasingly vulnerable to external shocks. {{M/E MEAT }}