Adez addition

Fruit juice and soya drink Adez is now available in new blackcurrant and raspberry flavour. According to Unilever, the brand, launched last year, is already worth £6m.

Blissful challenge

Kellogg is adding Special K Bliss Strawberry & Chocolate to the cereals line-up in its Drop a Jeans Size weight loss challenge. It is also launching Crunchy Nut Peanut Crisp and Caramely Peanut Crisp cereal bars and a Coco Pops Creations mixed four-pack.


Weetabix is telling mums about Ready Brek goodness in a £1.8m TV ad featuring robot police who destroy food with excessive salt, sugar and E numbers but are short-circuited by the cereal.

Onken Biopot

In The Top Products Survey 2006 (p89) the growth for Onken Biopot should have read 9.4%, as in the text, rather than the -2.4% shown.