Blue Man is back 
GlaxoSmithKline's heartburn and indigestion brand Zantac returns to the small screen next week with its Blue Man commercial in a £615,000 marketing campaign that will include PoS and promotions. 

Nozzle for Ariel 
Ariel is understood to be making an entry into compact detergents in September with an eco-friendly gel dispensed into the washing machine from a container with a nozzle. 

Ella's flies high 
Ella's Kitchen Smoothie Fruits range has won a listing with British Airways to be included in its children's breakfast meals. The Purple One and The Red One will be served on all London departures from this month. 

Henderson's Relish Yorkshire 
Crisps Company has teamed up with Henderson's Relish to launch a crisp in the same flavour - Henderson's Deliciously Spicy Yorkshire Crisps.