Chill out with Amstel 

Amstel has announced it will be sponsoring the Big Chill festival. It will transform the Castle bar into a Bar Amstel experience at the event, taking place on 3 to 5 August in Herefordshire. 

Big Champagne 

Champagne Pommery Pop has gone full sized with the release of a 75cl version of the mini-Champagne bottles. The Maxi Pop bottles will only be available in rosé cuvée for the moment, rsp £34.99. 

Story of Pear Cider 

St Helier Pear Cider will be advertised on TV in Northern Ireland and Scotland in July and early August. The ad tells the brand story of the cider and promotes the drink over ice. 

VK links up with T4 

VK Vodka Kick is continuing its "Official Sponsors of the Vkend" campaign by linking up with T4 on the Beach next week. Thirty-thousand fans are expected to turn up at the event in Weston-super-Mare on 22 July.