Marmite with fizz 

Marmite with a hint of Champagne is to hit supermarket shelves in time for Valentines Day. The 600,000 limited-edition Lovers Marmite from Unilever will contain 0.3% Champagne. 

Velvet's panda 

Velvet is launching an on-pack promotion to support its partnership with the WWF. Nine million special packs will go into stores this month offering a free panda toy in return for pack tokens. 

Plum range grows 

Plum has added three new recipes to its seven months-plus range. Red cabbage with apple & chicken; spinach with salmon & parsnip; and parsnip, carrot & Cheddar mash variants will join the portfolio later this month. 

Spuds go sour 

Darling Spuds has added a sour cream with a hint of Mexican chilli flavour to its range of all-natural hand-cooked crisps.