Prestige release Champagne 

GH Mumm has announced it will release a prestige cuveé this September. The first vintage will retail at £100 and will only be available to independents. 

Cider is good for you 

Research showing that cider could be as good for you as red wine came out this week. Studies showed cider contained antioxidants that help protect against heart disease and cancer. 

Languedoc launch 

The first wines from the new French DOC "Languedoc", which was recognised for the first time last month, will be supported by a launch campaign. The wines will be available later this year. 

BBQ giveaway 

Beverage Brands is giving away instant BBQs and aprons to independents to push sales of its WKD brand this summer. Retailers will get a BBQ kit if they buy WKD products from cash & carries.