Vintage release

A limited release of cachaça brand Sagatiba Preciosa will be sold in Europe, Brazil and the US. Five bottles of the 23-year-old Brazilian vintage were sold in June for almost £2,500 in an auction at Christie's.

German wine boom

A promotion in Harrods pushed German wine sales up by more than 3,000%. It said sales rose from 18 bottles in June 2005 to 569 in June 2006, helped by an in-store promotion on 29 wines backed by Wines of Germany.

HBJ raises £11,000

HBJ Wines & Spirits has raised £11,000 for the charity Regain by three teams participating in the Snowdonia Challenge (which includes 40 miles of cycling, a hike to summit and crossing a river by canoe).

New pink blossoms

Blossom Hill has added an additional rosé to its portfolio. The White Grenache is priced £4.99 in Booker, Asda and Bargain Booze.