A beer distributed across the Indian restaurant sector is branching into the off-trade.

Bombay Pilsner, a 5% abv bottled lager, was launched into the UK last year with a focus on nationwide distribution in restaurants.

The lager, which its maker describes as having a smooth and less gassy taste than other Indian beers due to its unpasteurised and preservative-free nature, has won listings with Hothi Cash and Carry, among other wholesale distributors. It is priced at £1.39 for 330ml.

MD Sanjay Thakrar said: "We have taken our time to make sure that the product is perfect. Until now, we have experienced immense growth, driven by consumer demand, and we are now ready to take Bombay Pilsner to the next level."

The company is also embarking on a major marketing campaign, including press advertising and sampling activity for 2006.