The post-Christmas healthy-living theme has now been superseded by Chinese New Year, St Valentine’s Day and the approach of Easter, with Walkers and McVitie’s moving up the brand chart.
Cadbury moves back into the chart at number six. With an early Easter this year, the brand will most probably remain in the chart for some weeks to come.
Alcoholic drinks moves up the chart for both branded and own label products, helped along by a number of large multiple-product displays for Valentine’s Day. The rest of the category is supported by a strong collection of promotions on lager.
The only other new entry this week is Ariel which makes the chart for the first time this year in the category chart. Nestlé and Heinz remain in positions one and two respectively, with the seven percentage point gap between them consistent with last week.
Heinz’s preferred promotional mechanic is obviously the multibuy offer, while Nestlé has a selection of price promotions and buy-one-get-one-free offers.