Representatives from Birds Eye Wall's, Sainsbury, Unilever and Cadbury were among those tackling the issue of instore compliance at the first meeting of its kind this week. Industry association POPAI's first Compliance Group get-together saw retailers, brand manufacturers, instore research companies and POP design and installation firms discussing ways of ensuring better instore execution of POP material. This follows research showing only 53% of display material arrives on the shop floor (The Grocer, July 20, p32). POPAI general manager Martin Kingdon said: "The meeting highlighted so many different potential situations that arise when you are trying to do anything with POP. We have identified seven different areas, from design to review of the campaign, and will work together to come up with a best practice guide." The next meeting is scheduled for September 26 and POPAI intends to invite some store managers to give their views on the issue. l See Letters, p16. {{NEWS }}