Innocent Drinks expects its UK sales to hit £175m at retail in 2008 as the company embarks on its biggest-ever ad campaign in the new year.

Innocent, which celebrates its ninth birthday next year, has forecast an improvement on this year's sales of £133m of about 30% next year. This would be a marked slowdown, however, on the 63% sales upturn this year, when it added more than £52m in UK sales.

Marketing spend for next year is rising 50% to £12m, kicking off with a £4m TV and press campaign in January. The ad highlights what makes an Innocent smoothie unique - including its fruit content, Rainforest Alliance affiliation, recycled packaging and charity donations - in an attempt to distinguish it from many similar products now on the market.

Innocent said it currently had 12% household penetration but was confident it could grow to 20% next year.