Tavola has traditionally been the launchpad for many gourmet and specialist foods, and this year saw a good mix of products. Canderel has launched a 27g nut and rice Crispy bar in Belgium. Bomba Yellow Energy drink is currently distributed in Austria and Belgium. The 25cl bottle is shaped like a hand grenade. Jova launched a range of precooked sausages in five flavours. They come in 200g retail portions or in 1kg packs for caterers. Pur Organic manufactures dairy products and has added fromage frais for children to its range. The 50g pots come in packs of six. Its new organic flavoured drinks are made with semi-skimmed organic milk. Distillery company St Pol has launched St Pol Chocolate Cream and St Pol Nectar ­ made from a combination of fruits ­ in one litre glass bottles. {{NEWS }}