There were 991 million meals of pork last year

Men consume 42% of all pork cuts

Over a quarter of pork cuts are eaten on a Sunday

Swine and dine

The primary pork market is worth around £674m [52 w/e 18 June 2006] with volumes up 4%. This growth is driven by leg and loin roasting and marinades.

Pork's consumer profile is biased toward males and the over-45s. Children and younger women's share of pork consumption is less than their share of total consumption. Children tend to eat a higher proportion of food which is quick and easy to prepare. Women consume less pork for a different reason; they are more likely to be cutting down on their red meat intake. "Health concerns" are cited as the most important factor in females' attitudes toward meat.

The evening meal is the host occasion for more than half of all pork cuts, with about a quarter of consumption occurring at lunch. Just over a quarter of pork is consumed on a Sunday, half of which is eaten at lunch.

The two top cooking methods, roasting and grilling, are virtually unchanged year-on-year, between them they account for the cooking of nearly 60% of pork cuts. Significant growth has only taken place in lesser cooking methods: baking and frying have both increased, this is likely to be down to moves toward healthier and quicker cooking respectively.

Drummond Richards, TNS